Palm Branch Stool

Utilization of agricultural waste.

"Palm Branch Stool" was born out of the recognition that local agricultural waste was not fully exploited in the Israeli date industry. 

The "Palm Branch" that we used is a branch that has a cluster of dates

on its edge.

Every year millions of these branches get piled up and cause an environmental nuisance. 

We chose to look and analyze the characteristics of these branches and implement them into a piece of furniture. 

The stools are made out of Palm branches that are joined together by a cotton rope which creates a strong and unique structure, more cotton rope is wrapped around the structure and that creates a sitting area.  

Since no two branches are alike, each stool has its own unique shape. 

This stool is the first product in a series of furniture made of palm branches by the designers Chen Zalkind and Shaked Elazari. 

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