Soothing Clock for Pregnancy

A clock for pregnant women that provides a sense of calm by using touch, sound and sight.

Pregnancy is a time of great joy and expectations alongside many worries and concerns. This clock was designed in order to meet this emotional existing need. There are two key moments during a pregnancy that provide a sense of happiness and tranquility. The first is during an ultrasound when you can see inside the uterus and the second is when you can hear the fetus’s heartbeat through the monitor.

I wanted to capture these two moments and insert them into the object, this is where it got its round body which embraces the clock inside of it and requires you to peek inside in order to tell the time.

In addition, there is a mechanism that corresponds with the seconds hand on the clock, this mechanism produces a soft and gentle beating sound which reminds the mother of the baby’s heartbeat through the monitor.


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