I.P. Coat rack

The coat rack is based on the principle of “compress connecting”.

It is part of a furniture collection that I have designed called " Internal Pressure”.

The coat rack consists of six wooden rods, a central “seed” made of oak created using a CNC machine and an ornamental brass ring that clicks and snaps the rods to the wooden “seed” thus binding all the pieces together into a product.

The heart of this piece is its connection area, the wooden rods unite and dissipate from it. 

This collection offers a sustainable solution to furniture design. The parts for the bench, chair and coat rack and each created and finished independently which allows them to be sent in parts to the distribution centers in an effective manner. Moreover, the unique pressure connection diminishes the need to use glue or screws, the pieces are made entirely out of one material-wood, this makes the assembly faster, cheaper and eco-friendly.      

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