I.P. Bench

This chair is based on the principle of “compress connecting”.

It is part of a furniture collection that I have designed called " Internal Pressure”.

The connection detail consists of two legs, a leg separating element, and a surface that locks everything into place which is used as the bench seat. The seat is made of veneered oak panels and Gabon. These two materials are laid one on top of the other in a crisscross fashion and laminated with glue. This technology has allowed me to create a concave structure which gives the bench strength and prevents it from collapsing while someone is seated. This technique also helps the structure withstand the pressure put on it from the connection area.

I chose to lighten up the feeling of the prominent connection detail above the bench seat and thus the handle was born. The handle has no real practical use but it is more than just an aesthetic feature, it is an element that you can grasp and play with while sitting.

This collection offers a sustainable solution to furniture design. The parts for the bench, chair and coat rack and each created and finished independently which allows them to be sent in parts to the distribution centers in an effective manner. Moreover, the unique pressure connection diminishes the need to use glue or screws, the pieces are made entirely out of one material-wood, this makes the assembly faster, cheaper and eco-friendly.      

bench - front
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