I.P. Chair

This chair is based on the principle of “compress connecting”.

It is part of a furniture collection that I have designed called "Internal Pressure”. This series is based on the bank of connections that I have developed throughout my research process.

The chair is made from oak rods, Oak veneer surfaces, and Gabon.

The main connection detail of the chair can be seen when you look at the leg and arm support of the chair. They are attached and locked into one another by the seat of the chair. Due to the strength of the connection, there is no need for stretchers between the legs. This connection causes sitting on the chair to tighten the pressure on the area and thus strengthens the durability of the chair.

The angle of the connection between the leg and the arm support can be controlled, this allowed me to create a wide and stable opening between the chair’s legs and an appropriate opening between the chair’s arms for a comfortable leaning angle and ample space for the person being seated.

The surfaces are made from laminated wood in order for the seat to be able to stand under the pressure exerted in the connection. This technique also allows molding the surface into an ergonomic shape for the user to sit in.

The backrest of the chair is attached to the wooden rods using glue with a clean finish in order to not draw too much attention and to maintain one central detail which is the connection between the leg, arm support, and seat.

The Chair consists of four legs, four arm supports, a seat and a backrest.

This collection offers a sustainable solution to furniture design. The parts for the bench, chair and coat rack and each created and finished independently which allows them to be sent in parts to the distribution centers in an effective manner. Moreover, the unique pressure connection diminishes the need to use glue or screws, the pieces are made entirely out of one material-wood, this makes the assembly faster, cheaper and eco-friendly.      

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