Alternative Dog Park

Urban furniture for dogs and their owners.

Designed as an alternative to dog parks and in response to the needs of dog owners and their dogs who live in small cities where there is not enough space or it is too expensive to build a dog park.

With the understanding that certain cities do not have dog parks due to a lack of space, a different type of solution was needed for the dogs and their owners. The main purpose of dog parks is to give the dogs an area to meet and play with other dogs.

The alternative dog park is small in size (3x3 meters) and does not require fencing, the alternative parks can be scattered throughout

the city.

The alternative dog park consists of a sitting area for the owners and a play area for the dogs, made from a 3 meter stainless steel pole. On the pole there are metal rings on which the dog’s leash can be attached so that he can run along the whole length of the pole.

 The dog play area does not offer the same opportunities as a regular dog park but it definitely gives the dog a lot more freedom than just tying him up to a bench or having his owner hold his leash. In addition, the alternative park allows dogs to meet and play with each other in a similar fashion to a regular dog park.

There is a space at the edge of the bench where owners who aren’t interested in their dogs playing with the other dogs can tie their dogs up.

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